Jen Breach writes Maralinga and Douglas Holgate cartoons it.

In 2009, Jen and Doug started working on a major graphic novel, Clem Hetherington and the Ironwood Race. They are still going. As much as they love working on it (which is a lot) and as amazing as it will be when it's done (guys, it's going to be awesome), it's a project that has taken a lot of time, strategic thinking, drafting and massive, massive effort. In 2013, it was time to do something on the side, something lower consequence, lower stakes and more fun. Something frivolous and throwaway.

Douglas is an ideas man. He already had a character: a girl with a rifle in a world falling apart. He told Jen about her, and about the US' WWI-era "Red Plan", and about his vision for a ruined 2256 Melbourne with 1956 technology, and about the monsters, oh my goodness yes the monsters.

Jen's reality check that this was in no way the frivolous, throwaway project they were looking for and that it would likely be another major graphic novel project that would take another 5+ years did nothing to dampen their enthusiasm. Jen started writing the first 10 page chapter immediately and Douglas was drawing it shortly after.

Maralinga is what happens when two people who feel pretty much the same way about stories and comics feed each other's enthusiasm for a girl with a rifle into a frenzy of writing and drawing.

Can't stop. Won't stop.

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