In 1956, British nuclear tests in the Australian Woomera, at Maralinga, go horribly wrong forcing entire populations to flee the irradiated centre for the eastern seaboard cities. The United States, twitchy and paranoid about nuclear activity at the height of the Cold War, dusts off its top secret WWI “Red Plan” to cripple the already devastated country, bombing the major cities and quarantining Australia with a huge naval presence. The war is short and the devastation is total.

300 years later, Australia's irradiated flora and fauna have evolved into nightmare and people live in small, isolated communities under constant threat. One girl, the last of her generation from a dying village in Melbourne’s south, makes a final, desperate effort to save her people.

In a world were monsters are real and morality is less important than survival, she braves all and risks more to find safety and a mythical inland sea.

Maralinga will be a 200ish page graphic novel posted in 10+ page instalments online and sometimes, occasionally bundled up for print. It was conceived for the Home Brew Vampire Bullets Anthology but after issue #1 we just couldn't keep up with the quarterly production schedule.