Maralinga spins an alternative history from the 1956 British nuclear tests in the Woomera. Three hundred years later a ruined, irradiated, post-apocalyptic Australia is a place where monsters are real and one girl, the last of an isolated and dying community in Melbourne's south, launches on a desperate journey to find sanctuary and a mythical inland sea.

Update 23/05/2015

Is now available to order online here - Maralinga Book 1

Full Colour. 48 pages. Printing part 1 (available online and in HBVB #1) and part 2.

Update 21/07/2014

In September, we are printing up the first part of Maralinga. It's 36 pages, available for pre-order and going to be beautiful.

Update 07/05/2014

It was announced earlier this week that myself and Jen have been awarded the 2014 ASA picture book illustrators grant for Maralinga. We're extremely excited, a little speechless and still pinching ourselves. Thanks to the ASA, the Australia Council and the judging panel and congrats to the other winners and all those shortlisted!

(You can see the other winners and the shortlist here).